Prepare for all the excitement, charm, and double-crossin' you'd expect from this crew of thieves as you take part in the mayhem - and the booty!

Kings of the Coast is a boisterous crew of scoundrels reveling in the history, fact, and fiction of the Golden Age of Piracy -sailing to your shores from the infamous pirate communities of Tortuga, Port Royal, and Madagascar in search of plunder and fortune. You'll join the crew by signing the ''Articles of Agreement'' and prepare to sing and shout, witness dazzling swashbuckling, and keep yer head down and yer wits about ye until the thunder and smoke of the battle subside! But like any crew worth the steel in their blades and the powder in their guns, the adventure is just getting started, as ye newly signed recruits set out with Captain Bart Fellows and his mates to follow the clues, dig up the treasure, and share in the spoils.



Sign on for family fun and adventure!
The Kings of the Coast welcome ye aboard the crew of the Royal Raider,
one and all!

You'll join the pirate crew
at their camp on shore as
they prepare to search
for buried treasure.

They've got a piece of the map,
but they'll need your help
to follow the clues,
find the remaining pieces,
and dig up the chest!

Step back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy
in search of Plunder, Fortune & Fun!

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